Saturday, 18 May 2013

My first #SatCap

I have a confession to make.......not all of my garden looks as pretty as the 'choice' pictures Roh and I posted in yesterday's "How does your garden grow?".  

We inherited, when we moved here 8 years ago, possibly the most ugly shed I have ever seen.  Felt covered only patches of the roof, and the door, permanently jammed open, meant it has housed all manner of vagrant animals.

After a long, long wait, (mainly due to two small people, efforts being scuppered by birds nesting and a need to save pennies for a new shed) we finally demolished it!  I say 'we' fact I took a back seat while my OH connected with his inner cave-man; he took his axe to it, and 'made fire - ug' with the rotten wood.

Here he is after completion of Phase 1 - the demolition:

This is my first #SatCap, linking with the lovely Mammasaurus


  1. Looks like he has a smashing time!

  2. I'm a lumberjack but that's okay, I sleep all night and I work all day!

  3. Right, done my job - you're clearing up!!

    1. Don't know if I;m meant to vote, but I'm voting for this one!

  4. i am king of all i survey...or destroy...either or :)

  5. I promise that it only broke down when you came out, it was perfectly fine after I had built it x

  6. if it doesn't work, i will put everything back into place