Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

Just a little post really, to mark International Women's Day.  

I have never really thought much about this day before, but I have often thought about how lucky I feel to be a woman.

File:Old Hall.JPGI had the privilege of going to Newnham College, Cambridge, which to this day remains an all girls college.  I wasn't sure at first; I mean I was about to leave home, and a big part of university was meeting and dating men - how was I going to do that at an all-female college?!

But I am so so glad I went.  From the day I started, I felt honoured to be a part of the college; I learned how hard the women before us had had to fight to attend lectures, and then to have their work acknowledged and then to have their degrees conferred.  

How could I not be proud to be a part of that?  It meant that I didn't ever take my education for granted.  Being part of an all-female community meant I met some life long friends, soul-mates.  

And I have re-discovered a community like that over these last couple of months since blogging and joining twitter.  A group that is accepting, supportive, kind and always there.  Just like my college days.

So I am proud beyond words to be a woman.  And I am blessed to have been part of Newnham and now part of this community.

And as for the boys at university...well, you only had to be in the college grounds at 6am on a fire drill morning, with there being at least half as many men looking slightly shifty in their girlfriends' pink dressing gowns, to see that all-girls college didn't always mean 'all-girls'!

I'm linking up with Lulastic for her IWD Blog Hop.  Why don't you join in?  


  1. Love the humour in the end part of this post. I was at Cambridge too so we are both very blessed.

    1. It always feels such an honour to have been there. Thank you for reading x

  2. Hehe WONDERFUL! So lovely to hear stories of the camraderie of women, which seems to be hugely underrated. It is such a terrible sterotype that we lack that and opt for cattiness instead. Thank you for linking up and Happy IWD! xx

    1. You are right, it is good to go against the stereotype, and I think that's what IWD is about. Thank you so much for hosting such a fab, positive and up-lifting link up. X

  3. Hi nice to meet you, lovely post :) Thanks for stopping by and linking up with us at welcome to the weekend hop, new follower by GFC, hope you have fun hopping around ...